Character Analysis of Harrison Bergeron

The short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. takes place in the American futuristic, utopian society of 2081. There are three major characters. Harrison Bergeron, George Bergeron, and Hazel Bergeron. All three characters represent something different. They all fit together, making the tiers of the societal pyramid. Harrison Bergeron represents a part of American […]

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The Neon Demon

There is a sort of menacing beauty to Nicolas Winding Refn’s Horror film, The Neon Demon (2016). It keeps your eyes glued to the screen (and then out of one model’s mouth and into another’s). Here are the highlights of the audio, visual, and thought-provoking aspects of the film. *Spoiler alert* SOUND First of all, let’s all  […]

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Aristotle’s Physics

Aristotle begins Physics by explaining that certain things such as earth, fire, water, and air exist because of nature; they simply are. Things that are because of nature are not here accidentally. Meanwhile, certain other things exist because of other happenings or causes. To reiterate his point he claims that by saying “For no one of […]

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Kinetical Conspiracies

My body is falling apart. Its internal physicality collapses. As does its outward appearance Like dry skin from an onion In chef’s hands.   Invisible cogs and neutrinos shift To leave my corporeal state Like matter from a dandelion wish. Scattered and floating Kinetical conspiracies.   Reversing the evolutionary spectrum I now crawl on the […]

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Substance Dualism Part II

From Descartes 2nd and 6th Meditation The nature of the mind and the relationship between the mental and physical are both vast categories to consider. What is the nature of a mental state? How are mental states even related to physical states? There is usually some correlation – if you are in pain, your mental state […]

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Substance Dualism: Part I

Seventeenth century philosopher René Descartes set out to prove the truth. He was a skeptic and was devastated when he found out that truths he believed no longer proved true – a devastating epiphany. Consider what you would feel like after discovering that you lived in the matrix or had just found out that the […]

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