I am curious about the world around me.

Personal interests such as health, the environment, science fiction, and music overlap to influence me as a scholar. I am a philosopher who feels that the world ought to be “greener” than it actually is. My deontological standpoint is to the earth and to the mind. Material possessions should have less value than what we give them. My duty becomes compromised, however, because I am a consumer. I try to buy only what I need and place little value on material items.

The kinds of arguments that compel me are arguments that have a cause for action and arguments that involve justice (ethical and otherwise). I find the concept of arguing for a just cause romantic and honorable. I believe that being open minded and accepting to new or different ideas is crucial for our evolution as humans.

I believe that transhumanism is a hopeful theory because it will guide us to becoming posthuman – with the posthumanistic world being a more open-minded advancement of our societies. Thus, enabling our psychological states of mind to take on a different discourse toward saving our environment, at the very least.

With that said, I believe that it is valuable to read and think about science fiction. Although seemingly far from reality, certain aspects can be applicable to the present day or will be applicable in the near future; aspects such as new or more advanced technology, culture, politics, and society. All of these aspects can assist with environmental problems or, simply, daily life. Also, this type of genre literature can give us a sort of futuristic historical exposure and awareness as well. By reading science fiction we can look into our future and see humanity’s numerous possibilities. Perhaps this will help us to learn from mistakes we have not yet made or give us new ideas in theorizing our species continuance.

Relating to both posthumanistic and transhumanistic theories and views in literature, my sense of hope and commitment is connected to our evolution as a species. Humans, like the concept of hope, are evolving. For better or worse. Hope can exist as long as we continue to kindle the fire and adapt to our disintegrating environment. Through these theories, there is promise that our species will continue on. The feeling of hope can ignite action, but currently it is too passive for our survival. Now, we must stop hoping and start acting. We must take action to improve our communities.


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